Anonymous asked:

it is true that there is an account update managed by Modest?

that-regular-chick answered:

Modest (or HJPR) would never publicly admit to using update accounts to manipulate public perception. But Modest (or HJPR) definitely uses update accounts to manipulate public perception. The connection between @the1Dscene and One Direction via Louis’ buddy/assistant Ginger Oli has already been established. @WW1DUpdates is another one that seems to be in management’s back pocket. These are just two examples of many.

There are signs that update accounts are controlled by 1D’s management:

  • They frequently have exclusive content (like pictures)
  • They never deviate from official narratives like loved up boyfriends, Larry supporters are deluded, 1D’s management is doing a great job, etc.
  • They spend an inordinate amount of time promoting the girlfriends
  • They receive perks like trips to concerts and awards shows 
  • They do a tremendous amount of promo (for example @the1Dscene and @WW1DUpdates are pushing the concert movie hard right now)

So the answer to your question is hell yes.